Your Health and Wellbeing Champions

Helping support your team

Supporting the fantastic work of our Health and Wellbeing Team is an ever-growing group of enthusiastic LSCft Health and Wellbeing Champions.

The Champions are colleagues, based right across the Trust, who are passionate about health and wellbeing and supporting their teams.

They care about improving your working environment, supporting inclusive engagement – to make sure everyone feels involved - and understand that working well contributes not only to your personal wellbeing, but also that of service users, patients, carers and their families too.

We’d love you to be a Health and Wellbeing Champion – find out how below!

What your Health and Wellbeing Champions do

The Health and Wellbeing Champions help by:

  • Encouraging colleagues to access useful health and wellbeing information and support

  • Raising awareness of wellbeing activities

  • Promoting healthy lifestyles and positive mental health

Our LSCft Health and Wellbeing Champions really know their services and colleagues best and so know what can help make a real difference to health and wellbeing where they work.

To help support them, occasional training is provided, as well as events and forums.

The Health and Wellbeing Champions:

  • Promote health campaigns through creating poster displays, share our monthly Health and Wellbeing Newsletter with their teams, email colleagues with useful hints and tips, give out leaflets and update colleagues in meetings

  • Organise activities to support health and wellbeing in their team and where they work – things like lunchtime walks, book clubs or hobby groups

  • Encourage their LSCft friends and colleagues to join in with health and wellbeing initiatives and events

  • Act as a point of contact, role model and promote a healthy culture here at LSCft

Key qualities

We are really proud of our Health and Wellbeing Champions and the work they do.

The champions are:

  • Enthusiastic about and have a real interest in health and wellbeing

  • Have a desire to improve their working environment and support engagement to make all their colleagues feel more included

  • Approachable and willing to help

  • Keen about learning about healthy lifestyles and inspiring others

Sign up now

It’s really easy to sign up to be an LSCft Health and Wellbeing Champion, simply email us to register your interest and we will get back to you with all the details you need.